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Yugioh Orica - Labyrinth of Nightmare (LON) Booster Pack of 105 cards

Yugioh Orica - Labyrinth of Nightmare (LON) Booster Pack of 105 cards

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This Series / Booster Pack includes all the cards you see in the pictures (You can check a full cardlist as well.
You can choose between 8 different card backing styles.
These cards cannot be played in official tournaments and have the only purpose to be collectibles, or they can be used as tokens.
The size is exactly as the official cards, common rarity.
Every card will have its own sleeve, and they will be shipped in a bubble envelope to avoid damages.

Shipping is from Italy


LON-EN000    Gemini Elf
LON-EN001    The Masked Beast
LON-EN002    Swordsman of Landstar
LON-EN003    Humanoid Slime
LON-EN004    Worm Drake
LON-EN005    Humanoid Worm Drake
LON-EN006    Revival Jam
LON-EN007    Flying Fish
LON-EN008    Amphibian Beast
LON-EN009    Shining Abyss
LON-EN010    Gadget Soldier
LON-EN011    Grand Tiki Elder
LON-EN012    Melchid the Four-Face Beast
LON-EN013    Nuvia the Wicked
LON-EN014    Chosen One
LON-EN015    Mask of Weakness
LON-EN016    Curse of the Masked Beast
LON-EN017    Mask of Dispel
LON-EN018    Mask of Restrict
LON-EN019    Mask of the Accursed
LON-EN020    Mask of Brutality
LON-EN021    Return of the Doomed
LON-EN022    Lightning Blade
LON-EN023    Tornado Wall
LON-EN024    Fairy Box
LON-EN025    Torrential Tribute
LON-EN026    Jam Breeding Machine
LON-EN027    Infinite Cards
LON-EN028    Jam Defender
LON-EN029    Card of Safe Return
LON-EN030    Lady Panther
LON-EN031    The Unfriendly Amazon
LON-EN032    Amazoness Archer (F.K.A. Amazon Archer)
LON-EN033    Crimson Sentry
LON-EN034    Fire Princess
LON-EN035    Lady Assailant of Flames
LON-EN036    Fire Sorcerer
LON-EN037    Spirit of the Breeze
LON-EN038    Dancing Fairy
LON-EN039    Fairy Guardian
LON-EN040    Empress Mantis
LON-EN041    Cure Mermaid
LON-EN042    Hysteric Fairy
LON-EN043    Bio-Mage
LON-EN044    The Forgiving Maiden
LON-EN045    St. Joan
LON-EN046    Darklord Marie
LON-EN047    Jar of Greed
LON-EN048    Scroll of Bewitchment
LON-EN049    United We Stand
LON-EN050    Mage Power
LON-EN051    Offerings to the Doomed
LON-EN052    The Portrait's Secret
LON-EN053    The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
LON-EN054    Headless Knight
LON-EN055    Earthbound Spirit
LON-EN056    The Earl of Demise
LON-EN057    Boneheimer
LON-EN058    Flame Dancer
LON-EN059    Spherous Lady
LON-EN060    Lightning Conger
LON-EN061    Jowgen the Spiritualist
LON-EN062    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
LON-EN063    Summoner of Illusions
LON-EN064    Bazoo the Soul-Eater
LON-EN065    Dark Necrofear
LON-EN066    Soul of Purity and Light
LON-EN067    Spirit of Flames
LON-EN068    Aqua Spirit
LON-EN069    The Rock Spirit
LON-EN070    Garuda the Wind Spirit
LON-EN071    Gilasaurus
LON-EN072    Tornado Bird
LON-EN073    Dreamsprite
LON-EN074    Zombyra the Dark
LON-EN075    Supply
LON-EN076    Maryokutai
LON-EN077    The Last Warrior from Another Plane
LON-EN078    Collected Power
LON-EN079    Dark Spirit of the Silent
LON-EN080    Royal Command
LON-EN081    Riryoku Field
LON-EN082    Skull Lair
LON-EN083    Graverobber's Retribution
LON-EN084    Deal of Phantom
LON-EN085    Destruction Punch
LON-EN086    Blind Destruction
LON-EN087    The Emperor's Holiday
LON-EN088    Destiny Board
LON-EN089    Spirit Message "I"
LON-EN090    Spirit Message "N"
LON-EN091    Spirit Message "A"
LON-EN092    Spirit Message "L"
LON-EN093    The Dark Door
LON-EN094    Spiritualism
LON-EN095    Cyclon Laser
LON-EN096    Bait Doll
LON-EN097    De-Fusion
LON-EN098    Fusion Gate
LON-EN099    Ekibyo Drakmord
LON-EN100    Miracle Dig
LON-EN101    Dragonic Attack
LON-EN102    Spirit Elimination
LON-EN103    Vengeful Bog Spirit
LON-EN104    Magic Cylinder


High quality 300 gsm carton

Original toner for studio printers


59x86 mm, same as official cards

Care Instructions

Do not expose to high temperatures;
For best conservation keep the cards sleeved.

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