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Yugioh Orica - Invasion of Chaos (IOC) Booster Pack of 116 cards

Yugioh Orica - Invasion of Chaos (IOC) Booster Pack of 116 cards

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This Series / Booster Pack includes all the cards you see in the pictures (You can check a full cardlist as well.
You can choose between 8 different card backing styles.
These cards cannot be played in official tournaments and have the only purpose to be collectibles, or they can be used as tokens.
The size is exactly as the official cards, common rarity.
Every card will have its own sleeve, and they will be shipped in a bubble envelope to avoid damages.

Shipping is from Italy


IOC-EN000    Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
IOC-EN001    Ojama Yellow
IOC-EN002    Ojama Black
IOC-EN003    Soul Tiger
IOC-EN004    Big Koala
IOC-EN005    Des Kangaroo
IOC-EN006    Crimson Ninja
IOC-EN007    Strike Ninja
IOC-EN008    Gale Lizard
IOC-EN009    Spirit of the Pot of Greed
IOC-EN010    Chopman the Desperate Outlaw
IOC-EN011    Sasuke Samurai
IOC-EN012    D.D. Scout Plane
IOC-EN013    Berserk Gorilla
IOC-EN014    Freed the Brave Wanderer
IOC-EN015    Coach Goblin
IOC-EN016    Witch Doctor of Chaos
IOC-EN017    Chaos Necromancer
IOC-EN018    Chaosrider Gustaph
IOC-EN019    Inferno
IOC-EN020    Fenrir
IOC-EN021    Gigantes
IOC-EN022    Silpheed
IOC-EN023    Chaos Sorcerer
IOC-EN024    Gren Maju Da Eiza
IOC-EN025    Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
IOC-EN026    Drillago
IOC-EN027    Lekunga
IOC-EN028    Lord Poison
IOC-EN029    Bowganian
IOC-EN030    Granadora
IOC-EN031    Fuhma Shuriken
IOC-EN032    Heart of the Underdog
IOC-EN033    Wild Nature's Release
IOC-EN034    Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
IOC-EN035    Stumbling
IOC-EN036    Chaos End
IOC-EN037    Yellow Luster Shield
IOC-EN038    Chaos Greed
IOC-EN039    D.D. Designator
IOC-EN040    D.D. Borderline
IOC-EN041    Recycle
IOC-EN042    Primal Seed
IOC-EN043    Thunder Crash
IOC-EN044    Dimension Distortion
IOC-EN045    Reload
IOC-EN046    Soul Absorption
IOC-EN047    Big Burn
IOC-EN048    Blasting the Ruins
IOC-EN049    Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell
IOC-EN050    Tower of Babel
IOC-EN051    Spatial Collapse
IOC-EN052    Chain Disappearance
IOC-EN053    Zero Gravity
IOC-EN054    Dark Mirror Force
IOC-EN055    Energy Drain
IOC-EN056    Giga Gagagigo
IOC-EN057    Mad Dog of Darkness
IOC-EN058    Neo Bug
IOC-EN059    Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness
IOC-EN060    Terrorking Salmon
IOC-EN061    Blazing Inpachi
IOC-EN062    Burning Algae
IOC-EN063    The Thing in the Crater
IOC-EN064    Molten Zombie
IOC-EN065    Dark Magician of Chaos
IOC-EN066    Gora Turtle of Illusion
IOC-EN067    Manticore of Darkness
IOC-EN068    Stealth Bird
IOC-EN069    Sacred Crane
IOC-EN070    Enraged Battle Ox
IOC-EN071    Don Turtle
IOC-EN072    Balloon Lizard
IOC-EN073    Dark Driceratops
IOC-EN074    Hyper Hammerhead
IOC-EN075    Black Tyranno
IOC-EN076    Anti-Aircraft Flower
IOC-EN077    Prickle Fairy
IOC-EN078    Pinch Hopper
IOC-EN079    Skull-Mark Ladybug
IOC-EN080    Insect Princess
IOC-EN081    Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
IOC-EN082    Torpedo Fish
IOC-EN083    Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
IOC-EN084    Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness
IOC-EN085    Cannonball Spear Shellfish
IOC-EN086    Mataza the Zapper
IOC-EN087    Guardian Angel Joan
IOC-EN088    Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
IOC-EN089    Getsu Fuhma
IOC-EN090    Ryu Kokki
IOC-EN091    Gryphon's Feather Duster
IOC-EN092    Stray Lambs
IOC-EN093    Smashing Ground
IOC-EN094    Dimension Fusion
IOC-EN095    Dedication through Light and Darkness
IOC-EN096    Salvage
IOC-EN097    Ultra Evolution Pill
IOC-EN098    Multiplication of Ants
IOC-EN099    Earth Chant
IOC-EN100    Jade Insect Whistle
IOC-EN101    Destruction Ring
IOC-EN102    Fiend's Hand Mirror
IOC-EN103    Compulsory Evacuation Device
IOC-EN104    A Hero Emerges
IOC-EN105    Self-Destruct Button
IOC-EN106    Curse of Darkness
IOC-EN107    Begone, Knave!
IOC-EN108    DNA Transplant
IOC-EN109    Robbin' Zombie
IOC-EN110    Trap Jammer
IOC-EN111    Invader of Darkness
IOC-SE1    Gemini Elf
IOC-SE2    Lava Golem
IOC-SE3    Magic Cylinder
IOC-SE4    Ring of Destruction


High quality 300 gsm carton

Original toner for studio printers


59x86 mm, same as official cards

Care Instructions

Do not expose to high temperatures;
For best conservation keep the cards sleeved.

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