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Yugioh Orica - Flaming Eternity (FET) Booster Pack of 60 cards

Yugioh Orica - Flaming Eternity (FET) Booster Pack of 60 cards

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This Series / Booster Pack includes all the cards you see in the pictures (You can check a full cardlist as well.
You can choose between 8 different card backing styles.
These cards cannot be played in official tournaments and have the only purpose to be collectibles, or they can be used as tokens.
The size is exactly as the official cards, common rarity.
Every card will have its own sleeve, and they will be shipped in a bubble envelope to avoid damages.

Shipping is from Italy


FET-EN001    Space Mambo
FET-EN002    Divine Dragon Ragnarok
FET-EN003    Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter
FET-EN004    Insect Knight
FET-EN005    Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
FET-EN006    Hand of Nephthys
FET-EN007    Ultimate Insect LV5
FET-EN008    Silent Swordsman LV5
FET-EN009    Granmarg the Rock Monarch
FET-EN010    Element Valkyrie
FET-EN011    Element Doom
FET-EN012    Maji-Gire Panda
FET-EN013    Catnipped Kitty
FET-EN014    Behemoth the King of All Animals
FET-EN015    Big-Tusked Mammoth
FET-EN016    Kangaroo Champ
FET-EN017    Hyena
FET-EN018    Blade Rabbit
FET-EN019    Mecha-Dog Marron
FET-EN020    Blast Magician
FET-EN021    Chiron the Mage
FET-EN022    Gearfried the Swordmaster
FET-EN023    Armed Samurai - Ben Kei
FET-EN024    Shadowslayer
FET-EN025    Golem Sentry
FET-EN026    Abare Ushioni
FET-EN027    The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion
FET-EN028    The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion
FET-EN029    The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion
FET-EN030    Whirlwind Prodigy
FET-EN031    Flame Ruler
FET-EN032    Firebird
FET-EN033    Rescue Cat
FET-EN034    Brain Jacker
FET-EN035    Gatling Dragon
FET-EN036    King Dragun
FET-EN037    A Feather of the Phoenix
FET-EN038    Poison Fangs
FET-EN039    Spell Absorption
FET-EN040    Lightning Vortex
FET-EN041    Meteor of Destruction
FET-EN042    Swords of Concealing Light
FET-EN043    Spiral Spear Strike
FET-EN044    Release Restraint
FET-EN045    Centrifugal Field
FET-EN046    Fulfillment of the Contract
FET-EN047    Re-Fusion
FET-EN048    The Big March of Animals
FET-EN049    Cross Counter
FET-EN050    Pole Position
FET-EN051    Penalty Game!
FET-EN052    Threatening Roar
FET-EN053    Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
FET-EN054    Good Goblin Housekeeping
FET-EN055    Beast Soul Swap
FET-EN056    Assault on GHQ
FET-EN057    D.D. Dynamite
FET-EN058    Deck Devastation Virus
FET-EN059    Elemental Burst
FET-EN060    Forced Ceasefire


High quality 300 gsm carton

Original toner for studio printers


59x86 mm, same as official cards

Care Instructions

Do not expose to high temperatures;
For best conservation keep the cards sleeved.

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