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Yugioh Orica - Legacy of Darkness (LOD) Booster Pack of 101 cards

Yugioh Orica - Legacy of Darkness (LOD) Booster Pack of 101 cards

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This Series / Booster Pack includes all the cards you see in the pictures (You can check a full cardlist as well.
You can choose between 8 different card backing styles.
These cards cannot be played in official tournaments and have the only purpose to be collectibles, or they can be used as tokens.
The size is exactly as the official cards, common rarity.
Every card will have its own sleeve, and they will be shipped in a bubble envelope to avoid damages.

Shipping is from Italy


LOD-EN000    Yata-Garasu
LOD-EN001    Dark Ruler Ha Des
LOD-EN002    Dark Balter the Terrible
LOD-EN003    Lesser Fiend
LOD-EN004    Possessed Dark Soul
LOD-EN005    Winged Minion
LOD-EN006    Skull Knight #2
LOD-EN007    Ryu-Kishin Clown
LOD-EN008    Twin-Headed Wolf
LOD-EN009    Opticlops
LOD-EN010    Bark of Dark Ruler
LOD-EN011    Fatal Abacus
LOD-EN012    Life Absorbing Machine
LOD-EN013    The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler
LOD-EN014    Soul Demolition
LOD-EN015    Double Snare
LOD-EN016    Freed the Matchless General
LOD-EN017    Throwstone Unit
LOD-EN018    Marauding Captain
LOD-EN019    Ryu Senshi
LOD-EN020    Warrior Dai Grepher
LOD-EN021    Mysterious Guard
LOD-EN022    Frontier Wiseman
LOD-EN023    Exiled Force
LOD-EN024    The Hunter with 7 Weapons
LOD-EN025    Shadow Tamer
LOD-EN026    Dragon Manipulator
LOD-EN027    The A. Forces
LOD-EN028    Reinforcement of the Army
LOD-EN029    Array of Revealing Light
LOD-EN030    The Warrior Returning Alive
LOD-EN031    Ready for Intercepting
LOD-EN032    A Feint Plan
LOD-EN033    Emergency Provisions
LOD-EN034    Tyrant Dragon
LOD-EN035    Spear Dragon
LOD-EN036    Spirit Ryu
LOD-EN037    The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave
LOD-EN038    Lizard Soldier
LOD-EN039    Fiend Skull Dragon
LOD-EN040    Cave Dragon
LOD-EN041    Gray Wing
LOD-EN042    Troop Dragon
LOD-EN043    The Dragon's Bead
LOD-EN044    A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
LOD-EN045    Dragon's Gunfire
LOD-EN046    Stamping Destruction
LOD-EN047    Super Rejuvenation
LOD-EN048    Dragon's Rage
LOD-EN049    Burst Breath
LOD-EN050    Luster Dragon #2
LOD-EN051    Robotic Knight
LOD-EN052    Wolf Axwielder
LOD-EN053    The Illusory Gentleman
LOD-EN054    Robolady
LOD-EN055    Roboyarou
LOD-EN056    Fiber Jar
LOD-EN057    Serpentine Princess
LOD-EN058    Patrician of Darkness
LOD-EN059    Thunder Nyan Nyan
LOD-EN060    Gradius' Option
LOD-EN061    Woodland Sprite
LOD-EN062    Airknight Parshath
LOD-EN063    Twin-Headed Behemoth
LOD-EN064    Maharaghi
LOD-EN065    Inaba White Rabbit
LOD-EN066    Susa Soldier
LOD-EN067    Yamata Dragon
LOD-EN068    Great Long Nose
LOD-EN069    Otohime
LOD-EN070    Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi
LOD-EN071    Asura Priest
LOD-EN072    Fushi No Tori
LOD-EN073    Super Robolady
LOD-EN074    Super Roboyarou
LOD-EN075    Fengsheng Mirror
LOD-EN076    Spring of Rebirth
LOD-EN077    Heart of Clear Water
LOD-EN078    A Legendary Ocean
LOD-EN079    Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
LOD-EN080    Smoke Grenade of the Thief
LOD-EN081    Creature Swap
LOD-EN082    Spiritual Energy Settle Machine
LOD-EN083    Second Coin Toss
LOD-EN084    Convulsion of Nature
LOD-EN085    The Secret of the Bandit
LOD-EN086    After the Struggle (F.K.A. After Genocide)
LOD-EN087    Magic Reflector
LOD-EN088    Blast with Chain
LOD-EN089    Disappear
LOD-EN090    Bubble Crash
LOD-EN091    Royal Oppression
LOD-EN092    Bottomless Trap Hole
LOD-EN093    Bad Reaction to Simochi
LOD-EN094    Ominous Fortunetelling
LOD-EN095    Spirit's Invitation
LOD-EN096    Nutrient Z
LOD-EN097    Drop Off
LOD-EN098    Fiend Comedian
LOD-EN099    Last Turn
LOD-EN100    Injection Fairy Lily


High quality 300 gsm carton

Original toner for studio printers


59x86 mm, same as official cards

Care Instructions

Do not expose to high temperatures;
For best conservation keep the cards sleeved.

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