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Yugioh Orica - Starter Deck: Jaden Yuki (YSDJ) - 41 anime cards

Yugioh Orica - Starter Deck: Jaden Yuki (YSDJ) - 41 anime cards

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This deck includes all the cards you see in the pictures (You can check a full cardlist as well.
You can choose between 8 different card backing styles.
These cards cannot be played in official tournaments and have the only purpose to be collectibles, or they can be used as tokens.
The size is exactly as the official cards, common rarity.
Every card will have its own sleeve, and they will be shipped in a bubble envelope to avoid damages.

Shipping is from Italy


YSDJ-EN000    Elemental HERO Necroshade

YSDJ-EN001    Cyber-Tech Alligator

YSDJ-EN002    Gemini Elf

YSDJ-EN003    Dark Blade

YSDJ-EN004    Sonic Duck

YSDJ-EN005    Elemental HERO Avian

YSDJ-EN006    Elemental HERO Burstinatrix

YSDJ-EN007    Elemental HERO Clayman

YSDJ-EN008    Elemental HERO Sparkman

YSDJ-EN009    Poison Mummy

YSDJ-EN010    Mask of Darkness

YSDJ-EN011    Exiled Force

YSDJ-EN012    Little-Winguard

YSDJ-EN013    Mataza the Zapper

YSDJ-EN014    Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke

YSDJ-EN015    Chiron the Mage

YSDJ-EN016    Shadowslayer

YSDJ-EN017    Elemental HERO Bubbleman

YSDJ-EN018    Elemental HERO Bladedge

YSDJ-EN019    Elemental HERO Wildheart

YSDJ-EN020    Cybernetic Cyclopean

YSDJ-EN021    Rush Recklessly

YSDJ-EN022    Giant Trunade

YSDJ-EN023    Lightning Blade

YSDJ-EN024    Heavy Storm

YSDJ-EN025    Banner of Courage

YSDJ-EN026    Smashing Ground

YSDJ-EN027    Necklace of Command

YSDJ-EN028    Monster Reincarnation

YSDJ-EN029    Lightning Vortex

YSDJ-EN030    Brain Control

YSDJ-EN031    R - Righteous Justice

YSDJ-EN032    Lucky Iron Axe

YSDJ-EN033    Dust Tornado

YSDJ-EN034    Trap Hole

YSDJ-EN035    Magic Jammer

YSDJ-EN036    Sakuretsu Armor

YSDJ-EN037    Compulsory Evacuation Device

YSDJ-EN038    Draining Shield

YSDJ-EN039    Negate Attack

YSDJ-EN040    Magic Cylinder


High quality 300 gsm carton

Original toner for studio printers


59x86 mm, same as official cards

Care Instructions

Do not expose to high temperatures;
For best conservation keep the cards sleeved.

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